Our company was born from of a simple idea: to create light but relevant experiences for people development.

From outdoor sports to literature, we drink from a variety of sources to create engaging and innovative games and activities. Games that hold the minds and hearts of participants.

We listen to the clients, understand them and create an experience which is aligned with their purpose.

Since 2000, we have created and customized games for the most varied global markets. From the IT segment to retail, including finance, education and automotive, more than 80,000 people have already learned with us, in more than 1,400 events.

We have been to the United States, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and others. In Brazil, we have expertise in serving foreign groups, especially managers, directors and C-Levels.

We conduct games in Spanish, Portuguese and English, taking into account national cultures.

We are fans of technology applied to training. We are having fun – and learning a lot – with the new challenges posed by the ‘new normal’.


Elves Costa

Creator, developer and facilitator of experiential activities for training executives in various skills, such as: leadership, innovation, communication, planning, teamwork, strategy, among others.

Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish, mediates discussions between corporate teams, from the supervisory to C-Level.


A passionate student of philosophy,  applies it to training and development of people.

Fan of outdoor sports and a specialist on adapting them for training high performance teams, leadership development and others.