Our Games

We have dozens of activities created throughout the last 2 decades. Here you have some of it. If you’d like something custom made, contact us!



Aboard off-road vehicles, a navigator, a time keeper and a distance controller, live the adventure of a rally. High performance, resilience, focus and constant communication are experienced at every turn and hill along the way. Not to mention all the fun!

Special Tasks are crafted for each client, giving participants an amazing day of learning while enjoying Nature. Check Points and a computer system (based on regularity – not speed), analyze each car’s performance and creates a ranking.



A tribute to the brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci, father of many inventions. In this game of customer experience, some of his inventions are presented to the participants, who will have to recreate them on a small scale. All inventions are tested at the end.

From parachutes to works of art, through self-supporting bridges, everything challenges knowledge, creativity, the ability to innovate and the players’ commitment.

A “countess”, a “merchant” and a “general” will be the customers, negotiating and also encouraging the participants to go further.



Inspired by the 16th century Maritime Expeditions, this game recreates a challenging endeavor: building vessels and packing spices for overseas trading.

Everyone has a leading role in this adventure, where a commercial project will challenge skills such as innovation, leadership, client experience, resource management, teamwork, etc.

In the end, all the teams watch their brave sailor row across the “atlantic” (pool or lake), with their goods onboard. We evaluate the products and the delivery quality. From safety regards to timing and the teams’ performance, everything is discussed in the debriefing.



4 R, several teams, many square meters and one mission: to renovate a degraded area. Banks of rivers, lake surroundings, beaches – or the like – are divided into lots for cleaning and/or planting. Behind this noble work we also have skills and values: teamwork, social responsibility, planning and innovation.

To enrich the experience, we can count on the support of specialists and use mapping technologies. Suggestions for solving the problem on a permanet and large scale are also evaluated, challenging the team to come up with innovative ideias.



One team, several routes and a memorable expedition. Accountability, communication, interdependence, planning, resource management and sense of belonging. A dose of leadership completes the game.

Expedition brings all of this in an elaborate “archeology” exercise, where field teams are commanded by another (via radio) on routes full of adventure, where they will obtain information and objects regarding a “lost tribe”.

Participants choose their role and means of transportation, making it a challenging but democratic game. In the end, an archaeological exhibition materializes everyone’s efforts.



In Nature, facing a series of challenges, teams navigate trails, using a map, a compass and their best skills. Planning, teamwork, communication, resilience and leadership are some of them.

Along the way, Special Tasks can be inserted, exercizing a specific content, from commercial info to company values and desirable competences. Navigation, time calculation and distance control provide the background for a fun and relevant experience.

The regularity of the teams is measured in Check Points.



Reliving childhood and spreading joy.

This is the spirit of Wheels of Freedom, which also exercises important skills, such as teamwork, sense of belonging, project management, social responsibility, among others.

The teams receive the frame and parts of various bikes for assembly, with the help of our technicians. Add all this to a group of children brought in at the end, by surprise, and you have a perfect day of learning and sharing.



Choose the topics to be covered. Assemble multi-talented teams with reporters, presenters, editors etc. Lights… camera… roll! You have a newscast as a background for learning. Once the contents are defined, everyone plays their part, from videos of real interviews to surveys, through advertisements, “weather forecasts” etc. Everything created by the participants.

We bring in our experts – a professional video editor and an acting coach – to help each team set up their journal; . The equipments for captures ate the teams’ smartphones, making it a dynamic and modern experience. It’s a game about protagonism, team work, creativity, technology, agility, among other aspects.

In the end, each team presents its newscast live, in an immersive and challenging moment, filled with fun.



Cities are proof of human ingenuity. Living organisms that replicate the routine of companies.

The objective of the game is to build models of a Bridge, a Power Line and a series of Train Stations. At the end, a train – which is a surprise – will cross the Bridge, ‘fed’ by the Power Line. The train stops at each Station, which represents a point of debriefing, chosen by the client. Competences, behaviours and even Mission, Vision and Values can be discussed.

Numerous customizations can be made, from costs management to horizontal organization and customer centrism. It is also a challenge of project management, planning, teamwork, leadership, communication, sense of belonging, among other aspects.



An adventure to forge the team spirit! We partnered with one of the most respected rafting companies in the country, with international experience. The challenge is to face low and medium level river rapids while performing a series of tasks, both on and off board.

The tasks are defined according to the client’s briefing, ranging from leadership to resilience, through communication, accountability, shared leadership and others.

Rafting emulates a team’s routine with great depth and creates an experience that bonds the team.



The inspiration for this game comes from the famous story of the confrontation between Greeks and Persians, in the battles of Thermopylae and Marathon. Lessons in strategy, leadership, accountability and sense of belonging permeate the experience.

In teams, defined by affinity with the tasks at hand, they set up the defenses of a “city”: catapults, shields, provisioning, boats, archery etc. In addition, the entire administration of its forces is the responsibility of generals, strategists and messengers. The army’s visual communication must also be created, going beyond operations.

Materials, tools and information are shared, requiring communication and synergy between the teams to make good use of the resources. In the end, everyone operates their creations and sees their efforts come to life. Sparta is challenging and fun!



One of our most innovative games, it uses the city as a learning territory.

Solving puzzles and digging through customer related themes, the teams leave the hotel to explore the city and then return. It can be competitive, collaborative or mixed.

Various digital resources can be used, from GPS to Social Networks, creating a modern way of playing. Museums, parks, supermarkets … everything is a setting for exercising high performance, agile thinking, strategic planning, negotiation and teamwork.

Super Tour also has an interesting benefit: getting to explore the city in a different way, even for those who live in it.



With the support of a classic board game – “Ticket to Ride” – teams stand side by side to play. Communication, systemic vision, sense of urgency and planning are some of the topics that can be addressed. The objective is to build as many railroad tracks as possible, connecting several cities.

As the teams conquer more destinations, they win wooden pieces to build a small scale bridge. On the bridge, an electric railroad is mounted along with train stations. In the end, everyone watches an electric train running down the railroad.

A stop in each station is the opportunity for debriefing, regarding aspects your company wants to discuss. From behaviours to product features, everything can be brought up.